Tea with a Pony

A quiet, social time to simply enjoy the therapeutic benefits of being around horses

Tea with a pony: at a glance

What is it?

Calm, friendly sessions meeting, stroking and sometimes grooming a pony and leading at the same time enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit

Who’s it for?

Individuals and groups living with dementia or other long-term conditions


Enjoy bonding with the horse and reconnecting with happy memories

Other info:

Flexible sessions depending on individual needs

Tea with a pony is an opportunity for participants living with long term conditions to come to our stables with a carer, meet and interact with a pony, all in a way that is comfortable for them.

These sessions are very flexible, depending on confidence and ability of the groups, with as much or as little interaction as they would like.

Our horses and ponies are very well trained, exceptionally patient and are ideal for this type of equine therapy.

Her face just lights up, it connects her with some wonderful memories.”

Get involved

If you know of a group or individual who would benefit from Tea with a Pony, please contact info@gaddesdenplacerda.org.uk or call 01442 246924.