Sponsor a Pony

Help to support our very special ponies

Our amazing ponies are essential to all of the activities that we provide. Therefore, we are committed to providing them with the best possible care in return.

By sponsoring an RDA pony, you’re helping us to continue the very special work that we do.

It costs approximately £6,000 per year to keep each pony, including bedding, feed, shoeing, vet bills, etc.

Make a difference today by signing up to sponsor a pony with a regular donation! Sponsor a pony from as little as £10 per month.


Can help buy hay


Can help keep the horses in shoes


Can help keep the horses in good health by contributing towards their supplements and medicine


As a sponsor you will receive:

  • A photo and information of your sponsored pony
  • A sponsorship certificate
  • A visit to the stables, by appointment
  • Two pony updates throughout the year with news of your pony’s adventures

Pony sponsorship is also a perfect present idea for horse lovers!

A commercial sponsorship scheme is also available. Please check out our corporate partnership page for more details and to get involved.

Forgotten who our lovely ponies are?


Sponsor a Pony

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When she’s on Bramble it gives her so much confidence and we see her in a whole new light. It’s helped her with her posture, communication and social skills and it means the world to us.”