Our Ponies

Our amazing ponies give so much and we are committed to providing them with the best possible care in return

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Meet the team!


Born 2007

Height 15.1hh

Arrived @ Gaddesden 2020

Melvin is a kind hearted piebald cob who loves being pampered and groomed during equine therapy sessions. In his time off he enjoys a ride out around the estate with his friends. His gentle eyes and nature make everyone fall in love with him which he very much likes!


Born 2012

Height 15.2hh

Arrived @ Gaddesden 2022

Barney is in all ways the BFG, he’s a big friendly giant (or grey!) So laid back and relaxed about all things. His height suiting our taller riders and his kind nature meaning he can care for the smaller. He will happily stand and relax all day without working but he also enjoys doing his job


Born 2010

Height 14.2hh

Arrived @ Gaddesden 2022

Wally is a very pretty chestnut who knows he is good looking and always makes sure the camera gets his best angles. He is very intelligent and learns quickly. He can be a little bossy in the field and creates mischief out there but when working he is a gentle soul who loves to help his rider and work with them!


Born 1999

Height 13.2hh

Arrived @ Gaddesden 2011

Bramble is a bay pony who has been with us the longest and helped so many people achieve their goals. His show days are over but he now uses his lovely movement to provide many therapeutic benefits to all his riders. He still loves to hack out round the estate in his time off and the chance to show off his wonderful paces in the field!


Born 1998

Height 14.2hh

Arrived @ Gaddesden 2017

Blue is a true all rounder pony whose gentle nature helps riders, whether it be their first session or if they’ve ridden with us for a while and are learning to ride independently. He is a very kind pony with a heart of gold who loves rolling in mud and being out in the field. 

A white horse looking at the camera over a fence


Born 2007

Height 13.2hh

Arrived @ Gaddesden 2018

Bill is a very intelligent pony and loves learning new things; whilst he is smaller than other members of the team he makes up for this with his big personality. He is brilliant for our smaller riders as well as for the hippotherapy sessions. 

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