"I look up to people when I am in a wheelchair, they look up to me when I ride."

Gaddesden Place is a dedicated RDA centre giving children and adults with special needs and disabilities the opportunity to ride and have fun.

The unique relationship and movement of the horse will develop a riders ability helping them to :

  • Improve muscle tone & core strength
  • Aid balance & coordination
  • Learn a skill
  • Increase self confidence and awareness
  • Widen boundaries of experience and social contact

We emphasise safety and all our Instructors are qualified to the required National RDA standards.

News & Events


The Annual General Meeting will be held on 

Thursday 30th October 2014  @ 7.30pm

Potten End Village Hall

The Red Lion Dish Donation Scheme

Visit The Red Lion at Water End, try their delicious Pork Belly dish and 25p will be donated to Gaddesden Place RDA.